Reiki pronounced (Ray Key) is a Japanese word for universal life- force energy.  It is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing modality based on the transference of vital energy.  Reiki is a holistic self-help technique for directing natural life energy.  This energy life force is what you tap into when you give someone Reiki.   It is an incredible modality to learn, and use to self-heal and to help friends and family.  
As an energy healing art it brings relief of pain, disease and discomfort increasing circulation of chi/bioenergy to an area of concern or throughout the whole body.  As a path to self realization and inner guidance,  it can be used as a road map through this experience we call life and it can help you navigate more easily.
Reiki level two is both an energy healing art and a path to self realization.  After completion of the second level you are considered a Reiki practitioner and being introduced to the Reiki symbols allows you to become a more powerful channel for healing.

Reiki Level One:  Duration: 1day, Cost $275)     Click calendar for dates
Join Reiki Master Jane Vandrus for this self awakening, “hands on” course where you will be introduced to Reiki, what it is and what is not. You will learn Reiki history, benefits, hand positions, body treatment techniques.  You will practice full body treatments and meditation.  Jane will also discuss the human energy field, Reiki precepts, chakras, client records, case histories, creating a healing room, the power of intent  and more.  Certificate awarded upon completion.

Reiki Level Two:   Duration: 1day, Cost $300)     Click calendar for dates
In the Reiki level two course you will learn the Reiki symbols, distance healing, human energy fields will be discussed and energy exercises to clear and increase both you and your clients energy will be practiced.  Reiki level one body treatment techniques will be reviewed.  There will be lots of practice time doing treatments, using the symbols, meditation and group healing.  Prerequisite: Reiki Level One.  Certificate awarded upon completion.  MASTERS LEVEL  3 day certification  require within

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 Duration:  2hrs
Cost:  $80  (please bring another Angel card deck.) 
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     In this workshop we will continue to explore the different levels of Angelic communication through multiple Angel card decks and spirit connection..

:  We will learn how to interpret Angelic messages through multiple card decks and how to blend them to deliver accurate messages.
:  Exploring deeper into the Angelic beings we work with.
:  How to personalize your own means of communication with the Angels.

REIKI  Facilitaor: Reiki Master Jane Vandrus
MEDITATION classes (Personal and Spiritual developement classes) 
Tuesday evenings, Duration: 6:30 - 7:30pm, Cost $25  start date to be announced.
Click calendar for dates at Brantford location  Facilitator: Meditation coach/Intuitive Jane Vandrus

Take this moment to be yourself.
As a society, we are becoming more aware of the need for stillness and silence and the realization that it begins within. Would you like to have more energy and less stress? In each class we will explore a variety of simple and advanced breathing techniques, guided visualization methods and energy work and you can learn to: 
minimize stress
increase your energy and intuitive abilities
become more self aware
quiet your mind
enjoy inner peace

Meditation is not a technique, but a way of life.  Many people have experienced the health benefits to relaxing the body and mind, such as lowered blood pressure, relief of anxiety, headaches and increased energy, self awareness and soul development.
                                                              "Knowing yourself is just a breath away"
Duration: 3 hour workshop, Cost $100 (includes h.s.t)
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This is a fun hands on workshop that will teach you the basic techniques in giving a wonderful foot massage assisting you in stress management.

 Course description:
  • You will learn certain reflex points located on the feet and massage techniques for stress management.
  • Some history and benefits in receiving a foot massage.
  • Learn specific reflexes that reduce stress and aid in relieving some minor ailments. For example, headaches, heartburn or constipation.
  • Practice time

This workshop is ideal for:
  • Family and friends who love to give or receive foot massages.
  • Couples.
  • Healing professionals who are thinking of expanding their practice to include Reflexology.  This serves as a good introduction to assist them in their decision.

Facilitator:  Registered Reflexologist Jane Vandrus RRPr
THE POWER OF {Sacred Numbers}
Date:   Cost $80 (H.S.T included) 11-1pm  
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Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers.  Every number has a certain vibration and by applying Numerology you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, talents, emotional reactions, deep inner needs and ways of dealing with others.
We will also explore the importance of repetitive numbers and their meanings.

This is a workshop you don't want to miss if you truly want to expand your awareness of the numbers and the universe.
Facilitator:  Professional Numerologist Jane Vandrus

​Register prior to date 
Please email to register your seat.
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 Raw/Living Food class Series   RAW VEGAN DESSERTS

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Time: 630 - 9pm

We have the class for you:
Healthy Raw Desserts  We will be doing a lot of experimenting.
​Healthy never tasted so good.


Angel card reading workshop level 3 
(with Facilitator, Intuitive Medium Jane Vandrus.) (prerequisite level 2)
Click calendar for date  Cost:  $80 inquire for dates

   In this workshop we will continue to explore the Angel oracle cards and the symbolism of spirit communication.

​:  the significance of our Pineal gland and our Intuitive gifts
:  exercises to enhance our Intuition and Mediumship abilities.
:  communication with flower and animal symbols within the cards and creating our own card spread.
:  the power of sound and meditation
:  practice reading the Angel cards for ourselves and others in the group.

 ANGEL CARD READING WORKSHOP level 2 ( Facilitator;  Intuitive and Medium Jane Vandrus)   (prerequisite level 1)

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Introduction to ANGEL CARD READING workshop  Facilitator:  Angel Intuitive Medium Jane Vandrus   register before August 22
Duration: 3 hrs   Saturday May 7 2022  11-2pm
Cost: $100 (please bring your Angel card deck with you)

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​    This workshop is an introductory to understanding how to read the Angel cards as a tool for guidance.
:  We will work with different card spreads.
:  How to care for your cards (clearings, prayers and blessings)
:  How to read and understand messages from our Angels. (Angelic signs and symbols, communication)
:  Introduction to some Archangels and Ascended masters and how they assist us.
:  Meditation and prayer exercises.
:  An Introduction to the ways of Mediumship.

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