Reflexology  Reflexology is nature’s way of healing.   The feet and hands have reflex points that correspond to all the parts, organs and glands within the body.  Stimulating these reflex points enables the client to go into a deeper state of relaxation.  When the stress is reduced, the body, mind, and spirit can respond to its own natural healing process and function more efficiently leaving the client feeling amazing.  Some of the immediate benefits of a session are a deeper state of inner peace, reduced levels of stress and the feeling of a good night's sleep.   Reflexology can be helpful with stress related conditions such as:
Management of pain
Digestive disorders
Hormonal imbalances and more
I can incorporate breathing techniques and guided imagery into your session to enhance your experience.

Angel Card Reading Mediumship  / Angel Therapy /Ask us about an Angel card home party Jane uses her gifts as an Intuitive and Medium to help guide her clients.  She communicates with spirit guides  and Angels and departed loved ones to assist them on their paths to good health, romance, financial, career, and personal/spiritual development.  Book an appt. with Jane { you may email me about services outside the clinic}

    In an Angel Therapy session you receive a wonderful Reiki or Reflexology treatment to relax and open your Chakras and after you receive an insightful Angel card reading. (90 mins.)  Create your own Zen Spa package from our services.

Numerology and Past lives​  Numerology is a science and an art.  It is the study of the significant meaning of the numbers in your name and date of birth.  A personalized Numerology report can guide you to better understand your life purpose and help you to become aware of your gifts, talents and what your soul truly desires. 

Jane teaches Numerology workshops, watch the calendar for dates. 

Reiki​   Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy. It is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing modality based on the transference of vital energy.  Reiki is applied via the hands.  The practitioner places their hands on the corresponding Chakras, meridians, and organs transferring healing to the client.  The result is a deeply relaxed experience.  Healing crystals and essential oil are also applied to help restore balance and cleanse the client’s energy field (chakras). Some of the immediate benefits from a session are reduced stress levels, inner peace and a deeper intuitive connection. 

We offer individual Reiki sessions and teach courses in Reiki level 1 & 2 and Masters level

Check the calendar page. Prices for services are subject to change without notice.  We ask for 24hrs. notice for any cancellations of appointments, your consideration is appreciated.

Events, organization or Luncheon
Looking for an interesting presenter or motivational speaker.  Jane has been interviewed  on Cable 14 Hamilton Life , Inside Brant Rogers TV and MacMaster Radio, was a co-host for "Stop and Live" Massage Radio and is a speaker for Canadian Massage, Critical Incident Stress Management and Provincial Support Staff seminar conferences and wellness events. Jane will speak at your next event or lunch and Learn on topics such as benefits of Holistic therapies, Mindful Meditation for stress management.   Email Jane directly.  


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