Numberscope 2017 Universal 1 year
The year of ( progressive leadership towards a more loving and simplistic way of life) on Earth.
A year for new beginnings and focused intentions and an innovative approach to equal respect to all living beings..  This can be a year for a new paradigm shift in thinking and feeling....Aquarius..
 "It is with our thoughts, words and our deeds in how we create but our hearts is from where we create".  "Manifest from a place of love and light and we can achieve miracles  in 2017."

By number diva Jane Vandrus.”
Numerology is the ancient study of the significant power in numbers.  All numbers have a vibration frequency associated with them and influence our lives one way or another. 

By using the number scope you can become aware of your hidden strengths and talents. You can find out what kind of energy potential or types of stresses that you are creating in your lives and the lives of those around you. Then use that information to learn how to apply these positive pointers to create a life filled with loving relationships, wealth and personal happiness.  Use the number scope to find out how you can create your best life for each month in the year 2017. 

To find out your personal number cycle for 2017:
Add the numbers in your month and day of birth to the numbers in the year 2017
and continue to add until you receive a single digit. 
Eg.  June 15 2017
2+2=4 = Personal cycle #4        
Scroll Down to find your personal number scope for this month.
Personal Cycle Numbers 1-9 for

This month you may question trust and faith in your friends and family
You are moving on your path to heal within take time on your own to understand your truth.
Enjoy yourself and ponder..

You may feel quick to judge this month try and honour opinions and the advice of others.  You maybe pleasantly surprised how that advice may turn out.

​All good things come to an end and even things that aren't good for grateful..

Question your actions.  Are they integral?...actions speak louder than words this month...What are your intentions??.  

Your sincerity is of high octane this month.  People are attracted to you like a moth to a flame.
​with great power comes great responsibility...enjoy

Watch where you tread (work on being mindful)  this month. 

This month you are inspired to get organized  and focused in both personal and professional aspects of your life.  Take this opportunity while it is peak.

​Your situations in life for expanding and transforming hits the target this month.  
Try new things and you will be amazed and what you can accomplish

Your family and home life is your top priority this month.  Perhaps someone in particular needs your attention,,,Enjoy time well spent together.

See you next month.

Personal numerology readings are available in person or by phone. Printed personal numerology charts are also available and Numerology workshops once a month.  Email for more details.

“May the spirit of numbers assist you in creating yourself.”
Peace and Light.
Jane Vandrus

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