Numberscope 2018 Universal 2 year
The year of ( balance, and working together to create peace ) on Earth.
A year for love and respect, admiration and unity..  This can be a year for a new paradigm shift in how we teach, share and interact with our hearts...
 "It is with our thoughts, words and our deeds in how we create but our hearts is from where we create".  "Manifest from a place of love and light and we can achieve miracles  in 2018."

By number diva Jane Vandrus.
Numerology is the ancient study of the significant power in numbers.  All numbers have a vibration frequency associated with them and influence our lives one way or another. 

By using the number scope you can become aware of your hidden strengths and talents. You can find out what kind of energy potential or types of stresses that you are creating in your lives and the lives of those around you. Then use that information to learn how to apply these positive pointers to create a life filled with loving relationships, wealth and personal happiness.  Use the number scope to find out how you can create your best life for each month in the year 2017. 

To find out your personal number cycle for 2018:
Add the numbers in your month and day of birth to the numbers in the year 2018
and continue to add until you receive a single digit. 
Eg.  April 11 2018
1+7=8 = Personal cycle #8       
Scroll Down to find your personal number scope for this month.
Personal Cycle Numbers 1-9 for

This month speak up and shout out.

This month grow through what you go through.

This month book the is short.

This month invite someone new into your sacred space.

This month believe something wonderful is about to happen.

This month wake up with determination and go to sleep with the feeling of satisfaction.

​This month surround yourself with positive and amazing souls.

​This month share your peace love and light.

This month grow a little and reap the possibilities.

See you next month.

Personal numerology readings are available in person or by phone. Printed personal numerology charts are also available and Numerology workshops once a month.  Email for more details.

“May the spirit of numbers assist you in creating yourself.”
Peace and Light.
Jane Vandrus

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